We produce more than 6,000 tons of rainbow trout per year. The trout are hatched at our inland…

Trout Caviar

The trout caviar from AquaPri has a beautiful orange color, exquisite flavor and a perfect texture...


The zander has an incredible delicate meat structure, and is highly appreciated all over Europe…


Looking for inspiration to prepare zander, trout caviar or trout? On this page we will share our tips and advice - from filleting the whole fish to showing how others prepare luxury seafood…




Food Safety & Health

Full traceability is a prerequisite for our food safety throughout the entire production cycle. The possibility of 100% traceability throughout the production from egg to finished product gives our customers and final consumers...


Aquaculture is the fastest growing food industry in the world and it is therefore of highest importance to ensure that the fish are farmed in a responsible way. Farmed fish is one of the most resource-efficient forms of…

Farms on land

As modern technology gives us more options, individual fish farms have selected from these technologies and adapted them in order to be as effective as possible with the minimal effect to the local…

Sea farms

In Denmark, rainbow trout is the dominant species farmed at sea. Originally the rainbow trout comes from North America, but it is also an ideal species for farming in Denmark. Even though our water and climatic conditions are optimal for...

Fully recirculated farms

In recent years, technological development in the fish farming industry has made it possible to construct facilities where close to 100% of the water is recirculated and reused. These are the ones we call "fully recirculated farms"...


Fish nutrition has a huge impact on the health, size and quality of farmed fish. Therefore, even though we have extensive experience in fish farming, we are always ready to adapt out feeding according to the newest scientific information…





It all began in the year 1900, when a determined 14-year-old Dane named Anders Priess decided to take charge of his future, and establish his own company in the fishing port of Glyngøre... 


The brothers Anders Priess and Nels Priess and their sons Henning Priess and Morten Priess today represent the management of the company. Both Henning and Morten worked over seas for years - in order to…

Our markets

Our continued focus on luxury and food safety has literally made our products popular across the world. This is illustrated on the map, where the orange areas indicate…

AquaPri in numbers

Company overview with facts, figures and structure. Information about ownership, board members, business areas/production volumes, annual production, annual turnover, number of employees... 


AquaPri participates in several exhibitions all around the world every year. This allows us to personally meet our customers and colleagues in the seafood industry. Exhibitions coming up... 


What's happening right now on the fish area? Articles and stories - internally and externally - about fish breeding. Here you will also find an archive of previous articles about AquaPri.... 






Anne-Mette Arp
Sales Director
Whole trout, trout roe

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Martin Alberts 
Sales Director
Zander, fresh fish, processed trout

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Morten Holm
Sales Manager
Zander, fresh fish

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