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We offer products in three categories:


Our wonderful trout - also known as Salmon Trout or Rainbow Trout - are hatched at our inland hatcheries, where they spend the first months of their lives. The controlled environment of these farms gives us the opportunity to ensure the very best conditions for their on-growing. When they are about two years old, most of the trout are transported to our sea farms in the clean coastal waters of Denmark.

This is Handpicked Luxury Seafood from AquaPri.

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Our very popular trout caviar has the most beautiful orange colour, exquisite flavour and a perfect texture. Many years of experience combined with full control in all stages of the farming process allows AquaPri to be able to produce the highest quality of trout caviar for our valued customers. We distribute to importers and wholesalers worldwide.

This is Handpicked Luxury Seafood from AquaPri.

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ZANDER (Pike Perch)

We are able to deliver uniform, high quality Zander (Pike Perch) all year round regardless of season. Our farmed Zander is free from parasites – and therefore does not have to be frozen. This means that our Zander can be used fresh for sushi and sashimi.The Zander from AquaPri is always completely fresh. No more than 6 hours after the fish has been taken out of the water, it will be on ice in the box – ready for departure. 

This is Handpicked Luxury Seafood from AquaPri.

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Trout farms and production 

AquaPri has 13 trout farms on land, located in Jutland (DK) and 6 sea farms, located around the islands of Zealand, Lolland and Falster (DK).

Our fish are processed at our own plant, Aqua Production, located in Aarøsund (DK).

From our very popular trout we are able to produce the highest quality of trout caviar:

ZANDER (Pike Perch)

Zander farming 

Our top-modern fully recirculated zander plant - currently the world's largest - is located in Gamst, Vejen Municipality (DK). This plant has 100% control and traceability during all phases of farming and packing our zander.