Farmed produce plays a major role in the seafood we are consuming worldwide, and today more than half of the world’s seafood consumption comes from aquaculture. Sustainable aquaculture will increasingly be important due to the inability of wild fish catches to supply the growing global demand for seafood products and proteins.

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food industry in the world and it is therefore of highest importance to ensure that the fish are farmed in a responsible and sustainable way. Farmed fish is one of the most resource-efficient forms of animal production on the planet.

Source: Global Salmon Initiative, 2016: Sustainability Report - data for farmed Atlantic salmon.

AquaPri produces trout and zander. These are farmed at land based farms and, in the case of trout, at sea farms. We aim to secure the best conditions for our fish. Good fish quality and a high food safety can only be obtained with focus on the fish, the surrounding environment and its resources, our working team and our social responsibility.

As part of our sustainability program, we have - among other things - certified the first of our many facilities (Aquaculture Stewardship Council). It is our aim to expand the certification process in line with our customer’s needs.

ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) is a certification standard which ensures sustainable, environmental and socially responsible farming of fish, including trout. Read more about ASC here:

ASC for trout
There is an ASC standard for trout farmed in fresh water, while trout farmed in the sea has to be certified according to the ASC standard for salmon.


AQUA PRODUCTION (certificate - open pdf)
Aqua Production, our processing plant, process and pack our trout and trout caviar. The plant is situated in Aarøsund, South Jutland.

SEA FARM CERTIFICATION (certificate - open pdf)
Dashboard (Danish)

ASC do not have a standard for “new” aquaculture species, including zander. This means that, even though we farm our zander in a sustainable way, it is not possible to certify this product under the ASC scheme. However, our zander production includes focus in the following areas:

  • Fish health, quality and veterinary status
  • Respect for the environment
  • Responsible ressource use
  • Waste control
  • Environmental safety and personal development of staff
  • Corporate social responsibility



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