Trout Caviar

Trout Caviar

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The trout caviar from AquaPri has a beautiful orange colour, exquisite flavour, and a perfect texture.

Many years of experience combined with full control in all stages of the farming process allows AquaPri to be able to produce the highest quality of trout caviar for our valued customers. We distribute to importers and wholesalers worldwide.

Different demands, packings, and production methods are required for different markets and AquaPri is flexible to meet all these different demands with our luxury trout caviar products.

Hardshell trout ikura

Ikura is the Russian expression for “ready to eat” caviar products. Today the word is used worldwide to describe that it is a "ready to eat product" and not the raw material we are referring to.

Each year in February / March, when our trout is ready for spawning, we produce the hard shell trout ikura. We produce it in our processing plant Dk4731 where our employees are specially trained to handle this exclusive product. The hard shell trout ikura is mainly supplied to Western Europe and the USA for packing in glass jars. It is a premium product.

We mainly sell this product fresh in 10 kg buckets to other processors who brand it in their own jars. For the Chinese market, AquaPri is branding their own trout ikura in 50 g jars.

Softshell trout ikura

AquaPri also produces a softshell trout ikura. This product is processed from our own raw material and as the name indicates the shells of the eggs are softer in this product than compared to hard shell ikura.

We can produce this product all year round and the way we produce it makes it a cheaper alternative to the hard shell trout ikura. Due to the flexibility and the lower price this product is very attractive for the foodservice and catering sector worldwide.

The softshell trout ikura is a frozen product. We can pack it in the following sizes: 4x50g, 200g, 500g & 1 kg.

Trout green roe

The trout green roe is the raw material. This product is for processors who want to produce soft shell ikura.

AquaPri produces this product each year in November and December. It is frozen in a plate freezer immediately after it has been removed from the trout. This way we obtain the best possible quality of the raw material. The frozen trout green roe is mainly sold to processors in countries that have a tradition for eating trout ikura. It requires years of experience to reach a good yield and to produce a good quality of ikura.

The trout green roe is packed in 3 x 7,5 kg blocks per master carton.

Trout Sujiko

The trout Sujiko is a Japanese delicacy and is only for the Japanese market. It is mainly consumed in the area of Hokkaido, Japan.

Sujiko from AquaPri is produced each year in November and December. The Japanese send their own technicians to AquaPri’s plant to process and pack the Sujiko and this way ensure the quality fulfills their high standard.

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Hard shell Caviar

Soft shell caviar

AquaPri has received financial support to develop a more environmentally friendly packing technologi. Click here for further details (in Danish)

Green roe
We also sell the fresh, unprocessed trout roe called “green roe” to those of our customers who prefer this. This is typically sold frozen in 22,5 kg cartons.


Trout Sujiko

Fresh trout roe processed to Sujiko.

Every year from November to January, Japanese specialists work at our processing plant in Aarøsund, producing Sujiko for the Japanese market from our high quality roe.