Fully recirculated farms

Fully recirculated farms

100% recirculation with minimal discharge


In recent years, technological development in the fish farming industry has made it possible to construct facilities where close to 100% of the water is recirculated and reused. These are the ones we call "fully recirculated farms".

In many respects, the fully recirculated farms operate in the same way as other land-based fish farms. The basic difference is that they have a very limited water intake and discharge. The water is cleaned very efficiently and can thus be recycled almost 100%.

This form of production is believed to be more environmentally friendly, especially in terms of water abstraction and nutrient emissions, which is of course very positive. But in spite of the obvious benefits, there are also a number of challenges with these installations, which need to be solved.





Lerkenfeld, one of our fully recirculated farms


Explore our new plant facility in this movie:

On April 1, 2016 we inaugurated our top-modern fully recirculated zander plant (an investment of DKK 65 million). This huge enterprise - currently the world's largest - is located in Gamst, Vejen Municipality, DK.

AquaPri has received financial support to build our fully recirculated zander plant in Gamst. Click here for further details (in Danish).

AquaPri has received financial support for capacity expansion of production facilities in Egtved. Click here for further details (in Danish).


Advantages and challenges of a fully recirculated farm


The farm has low wastewater emissions.

Production control: 
We have total control over the key factors that affect the growth and well-being of the fish.

There is a potential for a higher level of biosecurity.


The technology is very advanced and it requires a high level of education and experience to use it effectively - and maintain it to prolong its lifetime.

It is very expensive to construct and operate the farm. Therefore, the farm must have a certain size to be profitable.

Energy consumption: 
A recirculated farm uses a lot of electricity, which is expensive.