The Japanese eat a lot of fish

Nov 13, 2018

There is an article today in the newspaper “Jyske Vestkysten” on our Japanese customers that visit AquaPri every year during harvesting season. Read more...

Reasonable climate tracks high on the agenda...

Sep 08, 2018

Reasonable climate tracks high on the agenda for family-owned fish producer.

The fish breeder AquaPri has raised its earnings quite significantly over the last two financial years. It releases the focus to also making an effort for a good climate track, which means a lot for the company.



Fish farming continues enriching...

Sep 07, 2018

Fish farming continues enriching the family company, AquaPri.

After a hard year 2015-2016, the company has earned a lot of money in the past two financial years. The market outlook remains reasonable.

Read article (pdf in Danish)


Berlingske - Gastronomy Guide

Aug 16, 2018

Sustainably farmed zander (pike perch) from AquaPri is introduced in the GASTRONOMY GUIDE MAGAZINE - a supplement in today's Danish newspaper BERLINGSKE.

Read PDF in Danish 

- or see the entire magazine GASTRONOMY GUIDE on


Scan Magazine - A Taste of Denmark

Jul 10, 2018

Fish blood in its veins for a hundred years

Fish production is imbedded in Priess DNA. The family behind the Danish company AquaPri has proud roots in the Danish seafood industry, and their story goes back to 1900 and the small fishing town of Glyngøre in Northern Jutland. There, a determined 14-year-old Anders Priess started Priess & Co, selling fresh fish from the local…



Jun 01, 2018

Our very delicious farmed zander is introduced in today's Danish newspaper JyllandsPosten. Read the article about sustainably farmed Zander (Pike Perch) from AquaPri (PDF in Danish

See the entire "Food & Wine - Summer" magazine: 


FischMagazin, May 2018

May 24, 2018

Read the incredibly exciting article about AquaPri and our zander (pike perch) plant - the largest in the world (pdf in German) in FischMagazin, May 2018. Take a look around in the production facilities, meet our vet and learn more about sustainable zander farming.

FischMagazin is the only…


Trout Caviar shaped as a STARFISH

May 02, 2018

AquaPri is proud to supply our farmed trout caviar, shaped as a starfish. That is true art.

What’s it like indulging yourself at the second incarnation of the rule-defying Copenhagen restaurant, NOMA?

Read CRITIC’S NOTESBOOK in The New York Times, April 24, 2018


Assignment about fish farming in biology & chemistry

Apr 19, 2018

The students from Vejen Gymnasium collaborate with the fish farming company AquaPri. Recently the students visited AquaPri and wrote an assignment about fish farming in biology and chemistry. Read the article here (in Danish).



AquaPri on Fish International 2018, Bremen

Feb 25, 2018

Undercurrent News - reporting live from Bremen.

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