Responsibly farmed Zander

- from Danish aquaculture

AquaPri has been farming Zander (Pike Perch) since 2005 and can control the entire chain from egg until the fish is ready to be dispatched to our valuable customers. In 2016 AquaPri proudly opened its brand new RAS facility for farming Zander. We use the newest technologies in the plant and plan to produce 700 mt of Zander per year in this facility.

As one of the few companies in the world, AquaPri has developed a method to make Zander (Pike Perch) spawn four times a year. This gives us the unique opportunity to deliver uniform, high quality all year round – regardless of season.

The Zander has an incredible delicate meat structure and is highly appreciated all over Europe. This beautiful, white fish meat is firm in texture and very tender when cooked and it has a high natural content of protein.

Why choose the farmed zander?

We can supply all year around which offers our customers the possibility of planning campaigns and other marketing activities ahead.

The Zander (Pike Perch) from AquaPri is always completely fresh. Typically 6 hours after the fish has been taken out of the water, it will be ready for departure.

Due to the rearing environment, our farmed Zander is free from parasites – and therefore does not have to be frozen. This means that our Zander can be used fresh for sushi and sashimi.

Farmed Zander is on the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) green list.

High food safety due to full control and traceability during all phases of farming and packing our Zander.

Assortment of our farmed Zander

We offer:

  • Fresh whole round Zander, size 600-1,000g and 1,000-2,000g
  • Fresh whole round descaled Zander, size 600-1,000g and 1,000-2,000g
  • Fresh gutted Zander, size 540-900g and 900-1,800g
  • Fresh Zander fillets, skin-on and skin-off, size 100-300g and 200-400 g

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Feel free to contact Morten Holm, Martin Alberts or Bertel Ulv for more information about Zander (Pike Perch) from AquaPri.

Zander profile sheet - PDF in English, German, French, Danish and Swedish:
AquaPri responsibly farmed zander - pike perch - from Danish aquaculture
AquaPri Zander aus dänischer Aquakultur
AquaPri la sandre issue de l’aquaculture danoise
AquaPri sandart fra dansk akvakultur
AquaPri gös från danska vattenbruk

Zander from AquaPri - the chef's new favourite!

About Zander (Pike Perch)

Sander lucioperca

Zanders (Pike Perch) have long bodies with small and narrow heads, and large dark glassy eyes. In nature, they mainly live in fresh and brackish water enviroments throughout Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Zander has an incredible delicate meat structure, and is highly appreciated all over Europe. It is mainly sold as a luxury seafood in top restaurants.

From fresh to sushi

Zander from AquaPri can be used fresh for sushi and sashimi.