Fish blood in its veins for a hundred years

Fish production is imbedded in Priess DNA. The family behind the Danish company AquaPri has proud roots in the Danish seafood industry, and their story goes back to 1900 and the small fishing town of Glyngøre in Northern Jutland. There, a determined 14-year-old Anders Priess started Priess & Co, selling fresh fish from the local ports.

By Heidi Kokborg | Photos: AquaPri

Much has changed since then, but fish is still in the veins of the family. Today, the fourth generation continues to bring high-quality seafood such as farmed trout, trout caviar and, more recently, the luxurious freshwater fish zander to dis-cerning European consumers.‘Farming fish is in our DNA’ “All we think about is fish, fish, fish – from the moment we wake up un-til we go to bed, 24/7,” says part-owner Henning Priess, with a smile. “That’s life for a Priess and I am afraid the same ap-plies to our 90 employees...

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