AquaPri is proud to supply our farmed trout caviar, shaped as a starfish. That is true art.

What’s it like indulging yourself at the second incarnation of the rule-defying Copenhagen restaurant, NOMA?

Read CRITIC’S NOTESBOOK in The New York Times, April 24, 2018 (click to read the article about The New Noma).

On page four, The New York Times rhetorically asks “Is Noma serving sea horse and starfish? …cover it with wild Danish trout roe”. We’re sorry, The N.Y. Times, but you got it all wrong. This is farmed Danish trout roe - not wild. Being farmed, handpicked and therefore traceable and sustainable only improves the taste experience.

Taste it at NOMA before the menu changes from Seafood season (15.02 – 02.06) to Vegetable season. The current menu at NOMA celebrates Scandinavian seafood.